Chairman's Message

As the new Chair of the Congressional Social Work Caucus, welcome to the web site! The Caucus was created in the 111th Congress to create a platform to connect social workers throughout the nation to an organized presence in Congress. Every day social workers take on challenging social issues confronting our most vulnerable populations. Social workers are on the frontlines, helping communities cope with issues such as joblessness, poverty, housing, mental health services, and endless others.

The Congressional Social Work Caucus was also created to bring together Members of Congress who recognize the value that social workers contribute to our communities. The Caucus—along with other organizations representing social workers—seeks to be supportive of social workers by creating policies and legislation that will enhance the profession’s ability to be successful and effective. Currently, in the 113th Congress, the Caucus is continuing to address the vital concerns brought to our attention through social work research and collaboration. The Social Work Reinvestment Act will address several professional challenges such as low salaries, high educational debt, as well as safety concerns.

This Web site will be a portal to the Congressional Social Work Caucus for social workers as well as the general public to submit ideas and concerns. Please take a moment to submit your information to our database so that we can keep you informed about news, events, and the progress we are making to ensure better representation of social workers on Capitol Hill. I am proud to be a professional social worker and look forward to making our presence felt here in Congress.



Congresswoman Barbara Lee